Our Team


Pacius has been the development director for HCDP in Haiti since 1999. He has experience in several areas of development including animal husbandry, agriculture, and cross-cultural communication. Together with his family, he works alongside the Church of Christ in Poteau, Haiti, near his home in Gonaives.



In 2013, Olina was trained as a nursing assistant at a local clinic in Gonaives called Jubilee. Now she conducts weekly health teachings among several small communities where HCDP is actively promoting development. She lives with her husband Guerby and their 4 year old daughter Rose-Grethelle in Poteau where they worship with the Poteau Church of Christ.

Board of Directors

dave200DAVID E. SMITH  M.D.

David, longtime cardiologist, now directs Palliative Medicine at Baptist Health-Little Rock. He serves as board chairman and is a founding director of HCDP. He is a deacon and has been a member of the Pleasant Valley church of Christ Missions Committee since 1979. As a bioethicist, he is also an adjunct/teacher at Harding University and directs the committee at Baptist Health-Little Rock.

clevelandeltonELTON CLEVELAND, MD. DVM

Elton is on the faculty of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and serves as a family physician at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. He also is a founding director of HCDP and has served as a deacon at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ.


Roger Rowe is a Little Rock attorney at Lax, Vaughan, Fortson, Rowe & Threet, P.A.. He practices law in several areas including business litigation and appellate advocacy. Mr. Rowe graduated from the Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1985, then graduated from Arkansas State University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. Roger also serves as a deacon with the inner city ministry at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ.


James Arbuckle is a civil engineer.   He has worked with HCDP for an number of years.  He has served as a Bible class teacher, preacher, and mission committee member.  


Dean has been serving in Haiti since 1999. He is an Information Technology Specialist for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He has served as a pulpit minister, elder and deacon in local congregations. He is an active member of the missions committee at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ.