Short Term Medical

Mecical CareSince 1984, small groups of 15-30 volunteers have made visits to the Gonaives area to work with local residents and bring medical, dental, and eye care. Many of these volunteers have been medical students and residents from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and nursing and pharmacy students from Harding University. An increasing focus has been placed in preventive care. Preventive care initiatives have especially been proven to reduce infant and childhood morbidity from common diseases.

Eye Care

The poorest of Haiti may never recieve a pair of glasses even for seemingly simple problems with their vision. Each year, hundreds of patients receive eye exams and glasses from our short term workers. Efforts have also been made to teach local individuals how to construct glasses from simple inexpensive kits for less than fifty cents. A long term initiative using health care teaching videos was also launched for the prevention of eye problems.

Dental care

Dental care is either not available or not affordable for the majority of Haitians. Consequently, sick and neglected teeth become infected and painful for many at young ages. Untreated gingivitis affects most of the population, and many Haitians go without hope of seeing a dentist. It’s not uncommon for many suffer from their toothaches for an extended period of time, months or even years. The teeth extractions by our visiting dentists give them great relief. On one occasion during a medical work trip, a man instantly fell asleep when his teeth were numbed before being pulled. This was likely because he’d gone years with constant suffering from his toothache, which had prevented him from sleeping well. Teaching materials in dental care have been developed along with eye care, and oral hygiene is taught by our visiting nursing students and health educators.