Agriculture & Animal Care


In the poorest country in the Western hemisphere where food production is very low and hunger is rampant, no project is more important than teaching improved agricultural methods using the most appropriate technology and innovative methods. HCDP has made agricultural development a top priority throughout its history.

Local farmers are assisted in numerous ways. For example, HCDP teaches organic gardening to avoid dependence on expensive and destructive fertilizers, raised garden beds to avoid flooding and roaming pests, proper and effective use of animal manure (“manuretea”), proper irrigation, selection of appropriate crops for optimum market appeal and cash value, and proper water management and drainage. Many times, simply providing seed for marketable crops is an incredible contribution.

Goat Picture

It’s hope with hooves. In Haiti, goats provide a tremendous value to the very poor. They mean food, income for medical expenses, and often, a single goat can pay for a year of school tuition. HCDP’s Goat Project involves donating a male-female pair of goats to people / families. That family or person in turn donates offspring from their mating pair to another family in need. As of April of 2015 there have been approximately 223 goats that have been donated to people in the Gonaives area.