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Housing the Needy

Natalie is a single mother who lives in Poteau. For several years, she volunteered her house for Oneal Tankersley and his crew to use as a typical Haitian house for the HCDP Creole teaching videos. In recent months, the mud house (enchanting, but vulnerable and not durable) deteriorated from the frequent Haiti tropical storms (see photo below).

"At the urging of the Poteau elders, HCDP workmen constructed a new and strong earthbag house for Natalie and her family.  She is so grateful for this wonderful new structure.  'Now when there is a rainstorm, because of the metal roof, I can sleep all night without getting soaked!' (translated)"



HCDP hired local construction workers built her an earthbag house ($2500), and she provided food for them as they worked. Now she is so happy (see photo below).

There is a great need for housing in Haiti.  Recently friends of HCDP funded the building of a house for man and his family who was living in a hut made of mud and banana leaves.

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Health Initiatives & Feeding Program

Children from the very poor area of Gonaives called Trou Sable.  Medcial, dental and eye clinics were held here in February when the HCDP team from the US visited.  HCDP is interested in developing community health initiatives in areas like these.



Children lined up to receive food in the training pavilion on the HCDP farm in Bois Marchand.  HCDP conducts feeding programs on a regular basis, almost daily, at Bois Marchand and in Bangnol.  Hundreds of needy children participate in the program.

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Katie Pogue

Katie Pogue holding a new baby goat.  Katie is an HCDP visiting associate who is doing a six month term with HCDP.  Katie is gaining and sharing great insights into the work that HCDP is doing.  Her reports are valuable input for those who are involved with HCDP.

HCDP sponsors a goat donation project.  The baby goat Katie is holding is offspring from goats in that project.  A breeding pair of goats are donated to a family.  When the pair of goats have offspring that family are to pass some of the offspring on to another family.

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2014 Haiti Work Trip Team

A work team of over 40 people were in Haiti with HCDP at the end of February.  Construction projects were conducted and medical, dental and eye clinics were held.

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